Antoine Rault

Scientist (not the writer)


You can reach me with the following means:


My email address is: my-firstname at my-lastname dot me
(remove spaces, replace "at" with "@", and "dot" with "." to get a usable address)

If you know how, please send me encrypted emails.
If you do not know how to encrypt your emails, check this tutorial: for Linux/for Windows/for Mac OS X.

My GPG public key, and its fingerprint: 9B09 E633 843A 9206 4342 ADEA C22C 24DD 9737 873C.
You can also find them on Keybase:

Instant messaging

You can talk in real time with me using Ricochet, an easy-to-use, anonymous chat client which eliminates almost any metadata.

I use the following Ricochet IDs:

Social network

I have a Diaspora account at Framasphere.
Diaspora is a free, decentralized social network which respects your privacy.

Professional page

I also have a professional web page hosted over there.

Gift ideas/Wish list

If you want to make me a gift and are in need of ideas, you can have a look at my wish list (I keep it updated).

Update: 2018-08-14, I updated my GPG public key (renewed expiry date).

Update: 2018-02-25, I updated my GPG public key (renewed expiry date).

Update: 2017-08-29, I updated my GPG public key (renewed expiry date) and made it available via a Web Key Directory.

Update: 2016-10-10, I updated my GPG public key and changed one of my ricochet IDs.